Just a cute little mushroom drawing I did in the wee hours of the morning, inspired by a pinterest post I came across. Pinterest is great place to find inspiration, if you ever find yourself lacking a bit in the inspiration department… It happens to all of us, I think…  And there is absolutely NO Read More

Drawing boxes.

Boxes are one of the most fundamental shapes, you should be able to master. And drawing them is a fantastic exercise in itself. You can NEVER draw too many boxes! Besides the basic skills required to draw the actual lines that make up the boxes, this also includes a good mastery of symmetri, which is Read More

Curvy lines

Yes, straight lines and curvy lines go together hand in hand… Naturally! 😉 Not too much to say about this. Enjoy it! Try to get into a flow when you’re practicing, and really try to find the beauty in the line itself. This may sound a little out there, but a well done line, with Read More