Ocean Floor Pictures

Ocean Floor Pictures

Yes! They are so much fun to draw. There is literally a plethora of things you can add to ocean floor pictures. In this one I have a fish, some plants, a rock, a treasure chest, an anchor and a conch… Quite a few items, that are, by themselves, fun things to draw. As a matter of fact, I will probably be making tutorials for all of them.

One of the most surprising things about drawing this picture, was how challenging the coloring actually turned out to be… In a way this seems odd, I guess, but coloring is definitely a discipline in itself, that takes specific knowledge and skills. And these things are not something that I have spent very much time on… Yet! 😉

Once again, this goes to show, how many areas you can dive into in your own drawing. Isn’t that just fantastic to think about?!? This is an area where you can literally improve and discover new things your entire life… What a gift!

So rejoice in the fact that you have undertaken this marvelous journey, and keep creating!

Happy drawing, and as always I’d love to hear from you, so by all means, leave me a comment. I love reading them!

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