Doodle Drawing

Doodle Drawing

So this is what is known as doodle drawing, art doodling, or simply doodling. A bunch of weird little drawings and scribbles in seemingly no particular order.

One definition of doodling is ‘to scribble or draw aimlessly, to play or improvise idly’. Often times its something that people do, while stuck in situations that are somewhat boring: meetings, classes, long phone conversations etc. But it can also be a really fun and rewarding way of deliberately drawing.

The picture below, falls more into the last category. It actually doesn’t live up to the terms ‘aimlessly’ and ‘idly’ from the definition above. This doodle drawing is made with some direction and deliberateness: For instance I tried to not place very similar shapes right next to each other. This creates some contrast. I also tried to have some contrast in the coloring, so I was looking at a color wheel to see contrasting colors, and try to place them next to each other (as you can see, this wasn’t always possible, but its something to keep in mind). In the end, I outlined all the different drawings with a thick black line, to make them better stand out from each other. All these things are made in an effort to make the overall picture more pleasing to the eye. Therefore, it is obviously no longer qualifies as *random’ or ‘aimless’… 😉

One of the big challenges usually comes in the form of actually coming up with things to draw. This seems so simple, but can actually be surprisingly difficult when you’re sitting in the middle of it.

I often see doodles, that initially look nice enough, but when you look closer, they very quickly become uninteresting to look at, because the content is repetitive.

So if you decide to try your hand at some doodle drawing, put a little effort into finding some different things to put in your drawing… 🙂

And as always, have fun!

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