Curvy lines

Yes, straight lines and curvy lines go together hand in hand… Naturally! 😉

Not too much to say about this. Enjoy it! Try to get into a flow when you’re practicing, and really try to find the beauty in the line itself. This may sound a little out there, but a well done line, with a perfect curve and flow, really can be a thing of beauty to the aspiring artist. 😉

These exercises (and any variation of them) can be done every day, and they’re so simple! You can always throw a curvy line across any piece of paper, chalk board or whatever you have handy.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Simple Lines!

I cannot stress this enough! How valuable using your drawing hand on a daily basis in this simple manner really is. Just a few lines on a random piece of paper, activates the neural pathways, which builds muscle memory, and it also helps building the habit of drawing. It is perhaps THE simplest way to improve your drawing skills.

Happy Drawing!


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