Here, I have gathered some of the drawings that I’ve done during the making of the site.

Feel free to comment on any of them. 🙂

-I absolutely welcome constructive criticism! It’s one of the best ways to learn, and that is what we’re here for, right?!?

Another Doodle Drawing

Another Doodle Drawing

Space Fungus


Doodle Drawing

Doodle Drawing

Uriah Creep

Uriah Creep

Meat Eating Plant

Meat eating Plant - Colour

  Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor Pictures

Lizard Creature

Lizard Creature

A Flower

The Drawing Journey - Easy Flower Drawing - step by step

Mr. Mallow Man

The Drawing Journey - Mr. Mallowman

Chucky the Bear

The Drawing Journey-Chucky the Bear

Jack Skellington

The Drawing Journey - Jack Skellingtin


The Drawing Journey-Fungusamongus

Old School Revolver


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