Easy Abstract Drawings – Lines and Circles

So I made this drawing the other day…

This was a day when I was not feeling particularly inspired to draw. But I’ve made a decision to build the habit of drawing every day, so I sat down with a piece of paper, and just started throwing random lines across it. There was no purpose other than getting something on paper, and in the process I discovered a way to do some easy abstract drawings. This pattern of simple lines and circles I can repeat in an endless amount of variations. Also, adding other shapes as I become better at drawing.

So, as I was throwing simple and random lines across the paper, I accidentally hit something that sort of resembled a pattern, and this sparked some inspiration. Much like the skill of drawing inspiration is not necessarily divine intervention that strucks like a lightning bolt with immediate masterpieces as a result. Inspiration sometimes needs a little kick in the behind! 😉

So, these simple became the basis of the drawing you see in the top of this post. No masterpiece, by any stretch of the word, but I kinda like it. And if nothing else it sparked a couple of hours of drawing. Great practice.

A Note on Building Habits

As I mentioned in the top of this post, I made a decision to do some drawing every day. This is because I want to build the habit. When building habits it’s not important how much I do, only that I do something. As a matter of fact, it is a key point that there are NO demands as to the amount or quality of drawing that I am doing. It is only important that I do something every day. I’ll write more about this in a later post. It’s basically the principle of “a little every day, adds up in the long run” (Kaizen), and it’s a very simple, yet powerful tool to learn the skill of anything! And this obviously also includes drawing.

And in the meantime…

…on this particular day, I ended up with a pretty neat piece. And one that I can replicate as much as I want in an endless amount of variations, creating easy abstract drawings, and practicing my drawing skills at the same time… Win-Win! 🙂

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