Drawing boxes.

Boxes are one of the most fundamental shapes, you should be able to master. And drawing them is a fantastic exercise in itself. You can NEVER draw too many boxes!

Besides the basic skills required to draw the actual lines that make up the boxes, this also includes a good mastery of symmetri, which is immensely useful.

But there’s another aspect to drawing boxes, which is perhaps the most important. It forces you to start seeing the world in 3D, which is absolutely key to putting life into your drawings.

If you’re uncertain how to actually  draw a box, fear not! I’ll be adding a lesson on this very shortly!

Go ahead and give this exercise a try. As you can see, this is a simple box, drawn from seven different angles, viewed from above, and then from below.

Daily Drawing Exercises - Boxes

Like most of these simple exercises and shapes, boxes can be drawn on any corner of any piece of scrap paper, news paper, school paper or toilet paper (before you wipe!) that you can get your hands on.

And like with the simple lines, this is one of those things that will give tremendous results over time! As simple as it may seem, it activates your neural pathways building muscle memory, and it helps to build the habit of drawing regularly. These two things are probably the most important factors in learning the skill of drawing.

So I’ll say it again: you can NEVER draw too many boxes! 😉


Happy drawing!


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