Uriah Creep

Uriah Creep

Yes, that is his name… And he’s a real charmer, I know! 😉

I didn’t name him, though. Lee J. Ames did. In his book “Draw 50 Monsters”, which is where I found the reference for how to draw this great looking character.

If you’re looking for a collection of tutorials on monster, creeps, and other charming creatures (SO much fun to draw!)… Well there you go!

While doing tutorials like these is not necessarily the best way to learn the craft of drawing, I’m actually a pretty big fan of doing them anyway. For a couple of reasons.

Firstly they’re fun! And I truly believe that fun makes it easier to learn! They’re also a great way of utilising the skills that you practice, and getting a sense of achievement in the sense that you start experiencing how your practice pays off. Another thing that will also help you with staying motivated.

And lastly you do actually learn a lot from copying the lines of great artists that have gone before you. When you look at a piece you see a number of details. As you get better at the craft, and start developing your artist’s eye, the amount of detail you pick up increases. But when you actually have to redo the piece yourself, you see it all! You’re forced to pick up everything on that particular piece. All the perspective issues, and details. And that becomes a pretty valuable lesson.

So enjoy drawing some creeps! 😉

Or find another theme that you prefer. Lee J. Ames has 26 books (I believe) in the “Draw 50” series, so there should be something for every taste!

Good luck, and remember that drawing is a skill – let’s learn it!

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