How to draw flowers step by step – Buttercup

With their simple, yet delicate shapes, flowers present a nice challenge, with ample learning opportunities for artists of all levels. So let’s sharpen our pencils, and get cracking with another drawing tutorial on how to draw flowers. More specifically how to draw the humble, yet beautiful, meadow buttercup, Ranunculus acris. Enjoy!  Tons of fun, tons of learning! If you’ve ever visited Read More

Tiki Mask

A tiki mask is a really fun design to draw, and one that you can vary in a million different ways. If you need some inspiration, there are literally hundreds if not thousands different ones out there. Just do a quick Google search, or look somewhere like Pinterest, and you’ll find a plethora of drawings Read More

Doodle Drawing

So this is what is known as doodle drawing, art doodling, or simply doodling. A bunch of weird little drawings and scribbles in seemingly no particular order. One definition of doodling is ‘to scribble or draw aimlessly, to play or improvise idly’. Often times its something that people do, while stuck in situations that are Read More

Meat Eating Plant

Remember the movie “Little Shop of Horrors”? I got to thinking about that fun classic movie the other day, and it inspired me to do this drawing. “FEED ME, Seymour!!!” (I can almost hear him saying it right now… 😉 Well… In actuality, my drawing doesn’t really look like the plant in that movie, but Read More

Uriah Creep

Yes, that is his name… And he’s a real charmer, I know! 😉 I didn’t name him, though. Lee J. Ames did. In his book “Draw 50 Monsters”, which is where I found the reference for how to draw this great looking character. If you’re looking for a collection of tutorials on monster, creeps, and Read More