Mr. Mallow Man- The Process

The Drawing Journey - Mr. Mallow Man - The Process

I had a lot of fun, drawing this blue bombshell…

It actually started out as a lesson in contour lines, from the book “You can Draw in 30 days” by Mark Kistler. As a part of that lesson, there was a small challenge to draw these guys that resembled the Michelin Man. So all I basically did was to run with it a bit further… 😉

That’s one of the beautiful things in drawing. It’s such a creative process, that often ends up taking you places you never planned to go.

So since this is The Drawing Journey, I felt it natural to make a small post about the process of drawing him.



Step one: As always: Soft outlining of the basic shapes



Step two: Contour lines, and the facial features





Step Three: Outlining in ink, and shading.



Step four: Coloring. Done in three layers: First a light blue for the base, and then this was followed by a purple and a darker blue for the shading.

AND… Just a dash of red, yellow, orange and turquoise for the face (unfortunately I went a little overboard on the lips, so they became almost entirely black… Just too much shading and coloring on top of each other… Well that’s why we’re here. To learn, right?!?)


So that’s it… Pretty simple, really! 🙂

I actually made small video documenting the process as well:

If you should feel inclined to try it out for yourself, and draw him, you’re VERY welcome.

-All I ask is that if you post him anywhere public, you credit me. Just as I have credited Mark Kistler for the inspiration.

As always, leave me any comments or questions you might have, I’ll be happy to answer!

Happy Drawing,


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